(in development)

Adaptation of the novel "Nothing" by Janne Teller

"Nothing means anything, that’s why it’s not worth doing anything."

Pierre Anthon’s statement thoroughly shocks everyone at school. In order to prove him wrong, his classmates start to collect anything that means something to them on an individual level, but what starts off with some old photos quickly threatens to spin out of control. Gerda has to part with her hamster. Li’s adoption certificate, little Emil’s casket and a statue of Jesus are all dumped on the mountain of meaning too. When Sofie’s forced to sacrifice her innocence and Johan his index finger, parents and police intervene. Pierre alone is left unimpressed and the class soon seeks revenge. A devastating parable about coming of age, socialization and violence in our society

Written and directed by Trine Piil
Producers Janine Jackowski, Jonas Dornbach