Katharina Copony

Katharina Copony graduated from the Academy for Applied Arts in Vienna, majoring in Visual Media Design and studying under Peter Weibel. She spent several months in Japan, Rome and London and participated in exhibitions in Germany and in other countries. Working together with Emily Artmann in 2001, she made the documentary film "Der Wackelatlas - sammeln und jagen mit H.C. Artmann" which was shown at international film festivals and received the Television Award of the Austrian Public Education. Following that, more documentary films were made, such as "Kanegra" in 2004, "Il Palazzo" in 2006 and "Oceanul Mare" in 2009. For "Il Palazzo" she received the Arte Documentary Film Award in 2006 at the Duisburg Film Festival, and for "Oceanul Mare" she was given the 3Sat Documentary Film Award in 2009.


"Oceanul Mare", Documentary film (Screenplay, Director)


"Il Palazzo", Documentary film (Screenplay, Director, Editing)


"Kanegra", Documentary film (Screenplay, Director)


"Der Wackelatlas", Documentary film (Screenplay, Director