Benjamin Heisenberg

Benjamin Heisenberg, director and author, studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich from 1993-1999 and was the assistant of Professor Grasskamp, the chairman of the Art History Department. In 1997 he began studying to become a film director at the Munich Academy for Film and Television. In 1998 he started publishing the film magazine "Revolver" together with Christoph Hochhäusler and Sebastian Kutzli. He completed several short and experimental films, such as "Es zogen einst" (short film, 1995), "Terremoto" (short film, 1996), "Hastewas, Bistewas" (short film, 1997), "Alles wieder still" (short film, 1998), "Der Bombenkönig" (short film, 2000) and "At the Lake" (2001). Benjamin Heisenberg’s first feature film "Sleeper" celebrated its premiere in Cannes, in the category Un Certain Regard, and received the First Steps Award as well as the Max Ophüls Award. In 2010 his film "The Robber" was shown in competition at the Berlinale, and received he the Bavarian Film Award for the Best Young Director.

In addition to his work as a director, Heisenberg has continued to present his video installations at galleries and museums in Munich. He received the Leonard and Ida Wolf Memorial Award in 1999, Munich’s Fine Arts Grant in 2001 as well as the Academy of Fine Arts’ Debut Award.

His new feature film "Superegos", which he co-wrote with Josef Lechner, celebrated its premiere in the Panorama Special section at the Berlinale 2014.


"Superegos", Feature film (Screenplay, Director)


"The Robber", Feature film (Screenplay, Editing, Director)


"Super8"/"On Romance"/"On Fiction"/"On Manipulation", Video (Screenplay, Director)


"Sellenberg", Short film (Screenplay, Director)


"Sleeper", Feature film (Screenplay, Editing, Director)

"La Paz", Video installation (Screenplay, Director)

"Meier, Müller, Schmidt III-IV", Video installation


"Die Gelegenheit", Short film (Screenplay, Director)

"Meier, Müller, Schmidt I-II" (Video installation)


"This Very Moment", Feature film (Screenplay)


"At the Lake", Feature film (Screenplay, Editing, Director)

"365 Geburtstage", Documentation (Screenplay, Director)


"Der Bombenkönig", Video installation (Screenplay, Director)


"Fieber", Short film (Screenplay)

"Alles wieder still... ", Short film (Screenplay, Director)


"Hastewas Bistewas", Short film (Screenplay, Director)


"Terremoto", Short film (Screenplay, Director)


"Es zogen einst... ", Animated film (Screenplay, Director)